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Matis Studio

Design and development of landing page for Matis Studio, a space to learn the art of lettering design. Implemented in Html5 + CSS + JS. Audiovisual production // Video + Photography.

WEF Colombia 2010

WEF Colombia 2010

Design and development of the web portal built to store all the official information of the World Economic Forum Colombia event in 2010. Implemented in Html + CSS Content temporarily published for the year 2010 in: #colombia #design #web #wef

Urban Knowledge Observatory – BogotĆ”

Production, design and development of the prototype: Urban Knowledge Observatory and the Cultural Managers Observatory as part of the implementation of the CAP-LAB participatory digital interaction system and the expansion of the pedagogical contents of the CIVINAUTAS interest center. // Audiovisual production and postproduction for web platforms. [OSU -OGC]// Graphic design, UX-User Experience and UI-User …